Teresa Bajo 

Full professor at University of Granada

Department of Experimental Psychology . Head of Memory and Language group


Teresa Bajo is full professor at the University of Granada in Spain. She obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of South Florida (USA) in 1986 supported by a Fulbright fellowship (1981-1983) and has since become a well-known expert in the fields of cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics. Nowadays, Teresa is head of the Memory and Language Group at Group at the Research Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior. Her work has been influential in several areas of research (human memory, bilingualism and language interpreting). An overarching theme that she has pursuit over the years is that many memory and language-related tasks involve executive control mechanisms to negotiate the interfering effect of non-relevant information. Interference may come from different sources such as internal information during memory retrieval, competing lexical/syntactic information from other language in bilinguals, or information from the external/internal context during translation. 

The main lines of research of the group are related to memory retrieval processes, and lexical and semantic access in monolinguals and bilinguals.  In recent years, the group has also studied the role of cognitive control processes in aging and creativity, and memory retrieval in collaborative settings. Teresa has been PI of several research projects funded by the Junta de Andalucía and the Spanish Ministry of Science.  She has also collaborated in international projects funded by the European Commission and NSF projects in collaboration with US researchers.

In addition, Teresa has held positions of responsibility in different scientific societies as the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology (SEPEX), Psychonomic Society and the European Society for Cognitive Psychology of which she was President. As a result, she has also organized numerous international conferences and seminars (ESCoP2003, EPS-SEPEX2010, Psychonomics 2016). For many years she also organized workshops and activities for the advancement of young women researchers in the context of the association Women for Cognitive Science. 

Teresa has also contributed to enhance the quality of Doctoral Education in Granada through institutional work (coordinator of the first Doctoral Program in Psychology at the UGR, Director of the Doctoral School in Health Sciences, director of the International Postgraduate School at the UGR, and chair of the Study group for doctoral studies at the Coimbra consortium.

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Department of Experimental Psychology

Facultad de Psicología - University of Granada 

Campus de Cartuja s/n

18011 Granada (Spain)